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Full Name: Andrew Pickering Education: Business Economics Degree at Lancaster University Favourite business book: The Purple Cow by Seth Godin - It's all about how to stand out by being remarkable. It was one of the first business books I read, and we still use its principles when working with every client. Favourite TV Show: I love American crime shows like Bones and Castle. I laugh a lot when watching Friends and The Big Bang Theory too. Funniest thing Pete has done: Falling over in the foyer on the first day at our new offices.

Full Name: Peter Gartland Education: Entrepreneurship with Management Degree at Lancaster University Favourite business book: That's tough! The Jelly Effect - How to make your communications stick. Claim to fame: I'm one of the only people in world that has Hereditary Motor Sensory Peripheral Neuropathy III. Basically my brain doesn't always tell my feet what to do, so when I walk I look slightly drunk! I have an electric wheelchair, stroller and a walking stick to get about, so watch out! Funniest thing Andrew has done: He once walked into a glass door coming out of Peacocks.

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Hello, if you haven't worked it out already, we are Andrew and Pete, and we run (believe it or not)... Andrew and Pete.


We have always had a real passion for business and entrepreneurship and when we met at Lancaster University we both bonded because of this, so when we came to graduate we thought... let's go for it, let's setup our own business. So Andrew and Pete was created.


After graduating we moved to Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Andrew following love, Pete following Andrew. We knew literally nobody in business in Newcastle, we had very little funds to start, and we were in the middle of a recession. But we didn't make excuses, we threw ourselves in 100% and built our business up.


We haven't looked back since. Our passion has grew with the rewards you get from running your own company and our ambitions have only got bigger. We found our niche in working with micro businesses who also have that burning ambition and drive, and still love coming up with creative marketing solutions for both our clients and ourselves.


So, that is us in a nutshell, read more about us below, or get in touch with us. We love meeting friendly new people, so don't be a stranger.


Andrew and Pete

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