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1-1 Marketing Support

Do you want to be working by your own pool, in the sun with a rubber swan? Or do you have a different dream to us?


We always start by looking at where you want to go, and then help you achieve that through effective marketing that stands out from the crowd.



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As an added bonus we teamed up with Lesley Calland from People Power Coaching Ltd.

Lesley has taken entrepreneurs struggling to make £12,000/year turnover to comfortably making half a million turnover in just three years.

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Together with her coaching and our marketing support we form a powerful combination to supercharge your business towards success.

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Are you micro company?

Are you ambitious to see your company grow?

Do you have a soft spot for cute labrador puppies?

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doesn't matter!

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So how does it work?

That's different for everyone, we may work with you on a monthly or a weekly basis, or over a number of sessions towards a goal.


It all starts with the ZOMBIE

The Zombie is our FREE no obligation starter session, where we will find out all about your business and give you some marketing ideas on the house, that you can take away and implement.


After we have this information, we can discuss the best way forward to work together.

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It's a no-brainer! Get it?

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